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Catalyst Quotes Day 2
October 10, 2008, 3:53 am
Filed under: Kidz Church Live

Here is how you can tell what’s important to a person listen to their prayers –Reggie Joiner
Juxtapose –Lanny Donoho
Moral Authority comes when you creed is publicly in alignment with your deeds –Andy Stanley
Do you want to lead generous people? Then be generous. –Andy Stanley
Give, save, live on the rest. –Andy Stanley
We’re sick of religion. Religion promised us a relationship and it’s not there. –William Paul Young
Hedge “PIG” –Lanny Donoho
Good is the enemy a great –Jim Collins
If we have the right “who’s”, we would have better “what’s”. –Jim Collins
Greatness is not a function of the cards you’re dealt. Greatness is not a function of bad luck or good luck. Greatness is a function of conscious decision and discipline. –Jim Collins
It may take 30 years to build a reputation but only 30 seconds to destroy it. –Jim Collins
I have a hard time writing songs about God and girls so I stole some verse from the bible. This is a “thieving” Christian song -Jon Foreman
I don’t belong anywhere near the same stage as Andy “freaking” Stanley –Steven Furtick
Prayer meeting is what we do when we don’t want to do  what Jesus wants us to do! –Brenda Salter McNeil
I’m begging you to become a heretic! Heretics don’t let rules and religion get in the way of their faith. –Seth Godin
Leadership is marketing and marketing is leadership –Seth Godin
You don’t become a leader because you have charisma. You get charisma because you’re a leader –Seth Godin
People pleasing is Idol worship! –Craig Groeschel


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